Frequently Asked Questions about Land Surveying

How much does a survey cost?
There is no set price for surveys.  Many factors come into play such as recorded documents available, missing monuments or survey evidence, terrain, foliage, and the scope of services required to name a few.  Therefore, we need to research records, search for monuments, determine county fees and time to provide a quote.

Do I have to record the survey?
Yes, Surveys must be recorded with the county per Civil Code Section 8765.b and 8762.d.  Either a Corner Record or a Record of Survey.  Corner Record if the property line is being reestablished according to Record and a Record of Survey if a discrepancy is found and the Surveyor disagrees with Record.  Recording the survey requires the Surveyor to show how he came to his conclusion and stand behind his work.

How is the property line marked?
Typically, we mark the corners of the property with 18” rebar in the ground with a yellow cap with our license number.   We can, also, mark it with wood or nail with a brass tag with our license number.  We can, also put temporary markers on the line, if requested.

Why is the cheapest price not the best price in surveying?
• Surveyors who don’t properly research documents charge lower fees
• Surveyors who don’t know the history of older neighbors charge lower fees
• Surveyors who don’t search diligently for all field evidence charge lower fees
• Surveyors who don’t file the Survey with the County charge lower fees
• Surveyors who don’t carry Errors & Omissions Insurance charge lower fees
• Surveyors who cut corners and lack experience charge lower fees

Do I make an appointment for a surveyor to come out?
First, we research the property and provide a quote then the client will sign an agreement for services.  Then we schedule the work. 

What if neighbor doesn’t want Surveyor on his property?
Surveyors have the right to enter property without property owner’s permission to perform their work. 
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What is a ALTA Survey?
This is a specialized survey required by many lenders for commercial property.

What is a Topographic or Elevation Survey?
This is a survey of the topography of the land used for design.  Site conditions can be located as well trees, walkways, buildings, etc.

Why should I hire Kister, Savio & Rei
• Land Surveying in the Bay Area for 90 years
• Records dating back to the 1800’s when properties were originally split into Ranchos
• Principals have over 30 years of experience in Surveying and Civil Engineering
• Top Notch Equipment and Employees
• Family Business that lives in and supports the community